Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Pizza Pizzaz!

It's International Labor Day in China, so we have a week off of school. It took me a while to figure out, but with some help from Google I learned that the Labor Movement which led to the creation of International Labor Day started in the US. BUT, the US is one of only 3 countries that don't celebrate International Labor Day on May 1 with the rest of the world. (The other two countries are Canada and South Africa.) I always thought Labor Day in September was fitting since it's right around when you have to go back to school and labor. I'm feeling a bit cheated, since in the US we only get a 3 day weekend, but in China they get seven days off!

Although you can find decent hot dogs in China, buns are hard to come by, and I don't have a grill. So, I decided to have a pizza party. Although it's a seven-day holiday, many students have stayed on campus. I had 22 people in my house last night making pizza! It was a new experience for most, as most Chinese have never made pizza, used an oven, and their only experience with cheese is the plastic cheese that comes on a McBurger or what comes melted on Pizza Hut pizza. They also weren't too sure about pineapple on pizza. However, everyone got into it as soon as I demonstrated. Here's a few pictures, there's more at

Tommy Helen

We're supposed to eat this???

Tommy 12

This is Tommy. I gave him my camera and made him the photographer, but somehow he managed to be in almost every picture. Tommy works for the English department, and his job is to help me when I'm confused. So he gets to do fun stuff like go downtown with me to get my phone fixed when it's not broken, or wait at the train station with me while my train that was supposed to leave at midnight is delayed until 2am. He deserves a medal, I think!


Like this, guys! My award winning pizza sauce was ketchup with italian seasoning.

Monica 3

Monica was an ace with the ovens.

w Jackie and friend

Pizza was eaten...

Jacky 1

And everyone (even the boys!) helped clean up!

Pizza Party Photos

If you are one of my lovely students looking to download pictures from our pizza party, click "photos" below where it says "for my students."