Monday, February 26, 2007

Chinese New Year

I've been looking for a way to convey the essence of the Chinese New Year experience to you all. Well, I have it! I would like to have this posted directly on my site, but I'm not clever like that, so follow this link:
A friend of mine took this video a week ago Saturday, at midnight on New Year's Eve. My experience was similar, but much closer up! I wish you could hear it. Now the fireworks have calmed down a bit, but there's still lots to see every night. I love you all!

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Leah said...

Hi Christense!Happy New Year to you! I hope all is well.

I think of you often and hope that you are having a good time while still thinking of us here in the not-as-interesting USA. Well, I think that the things you are showing is incredibly interesting so it makes me think that where I am is so much less interesting. ;)

Happy Birthday sweetie!