Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Girly Times

Last weekend I went to Shi Yan, about six hours north of Wuhan by train. There I hung out with some lovely ladies. For those of you Northwesterners, Shi Yan is where the Lewises are teaching with their four lovely daughters.


We made cards...


...and washed eachother's hands...


...and generally had fun...


Then, we even had lunch with the boys!


It was a lovely time!

PS: I'll be back in Portland July 1!


Ike Graul said...

WOW! The time has flown! It's been great to read your chronicles on your blog. Thanks for keeping us informed on your adventures

suzylu said...

It's so great to hear about you and seeing your great pictures! We're excited to see you face to face - July will be here before we know it!
God Bless!

Amanda Peterson said...

Looks like lots of fun! I like the new look of your blog, as well, and the new title!