Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Look At The New Restaurant

Sorry for the hiatus!  Peter has sold the stand that previously housed Three Sisters Rice Noodles.  The new, larger location, was formerly an SPR coffee; a Chinese chain that ripped off Starbuck's so badly that Starbucks actually won the lawsuit.  Peter, his cousin, and Dickey (I tried really hard to give him another English name, but Peter named him that when they were in high school, and it's stuck) are operating Thousand Flavor Foods.  The name sounds much better in Chinese, I promise.  Here's a look at it.  You may only watch this video if 1) you agree to bear with me through my unique, Blair With Project style of cinematography and 2) you promise to believe I am actually much hotter than I look in this video, and 3) you bear in mind that my Chinese is much better than it appears in this video.  Peter's mom is asking me what I am doing, but I don't know how to say "webcam," "upload" "email" or "youtube" in Chinese.  


eulcedes said...

shop looks real nice!

meg carlucci said...

Wow! The shop looks great! (and your Chinese really is impressive) I didn't realize until the end that you were filming with your COMPUTER. I would have dropped it.
Thanks for posting this. It was fun to get a little peek into your life.

Nicki said...

Excellent! So funny that it still says SPR Coffee on the wall. Our SPR coffee here closed too - did they all close? No great loss :)