Friday, March 02, 2012


I've been administering self-tests in geography to students and teachers as a way to emphasize the importance of learning geography.  I don't mean to be be pot calling the kettle black, but I've noticed these mistakes. 


...Montana is really Washington
...California is actually a state known as San Francisco
...New Jersey is a city, not a state (I had to work hard to convince this guy otherwise)
...Mongolia is really Russia
...the Yukon Territory is actually Alaska
...Greenland is actually Canada and Canada is actually the US (on the map of a guy who is planning to go to the US next fall to get his Master's degree...not sure he'll be able to find his way there)

---and my favorite---

...New England is now located in Oklahoma

Just thought you should know.

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Anonymous said...

Did you ask questions about China? I really thought US students were the worst. Some don't know their way around their own country but ask about other countries and their completely at a loss.
Every time I've planned to take a trip I've at least had the where-with-all to get a map out (or bring it up on the computer) and look at distances and locations. Clearly I suffer from too much curiosity ;-).