Wednesday, July 25, 2012

54 Days

For those of you playing along at home, the cliff's notes version is that I am leaving China in 54 days, and I have decided to post something every day until I go, for no other reason than that I want to.  This may turn out really boring, but we'll see.  It will probably be good for one of us.

The first thing I should tell you is that you shouldn't be OCD about the day count.  We leave September 17th, but because of the international date line we actually arrive in the US before we leave China.  We travel into the future a few hours, and that is just one of many things that makes international travel awesome.

So today I had the day off.  We are, erm, financially handicapped thanks to the price of plane tickets, so we couldn't afford to do much.  Plus I spend my workdays running around in the extreme humidity, so I don't feel like conquering it when it's optional.

Today I woke up from a weird dream at 8:30, which is exceptionally early for me.  I have since forgotten the dream, which is okay with me.  I once started a dream journal because I read that it can help you remember more of your dreams.  However, I have always been afflicted with weird-ass dreams; so yes, a dream journal does make you remember more dreams, and no, that's not always a good thing.

If, upon waking up I rehearse what I dreamed a few times by imagining I am telling others about it (or actually tell others: see about 30% of my Facebook posts) I can usually remember it, but if I don't it's gone.  Sometimes it will come back to me during the day in a random flash, and sometimes not.  For example, the other day my dream about Woolite came back to me on the bus.  In the dream I was somewhere in someone's basement and saw a bottle of Woolite and thought, "Aha!  Just what my homemade laundry detergent needs!"  This proves that I read Pinterest too much. 

I can usually figure out the associations of my dreams.  The other dream from that night was the dream of flossing a mosquito and a tiny, tiny baby shrimp (which often goes in soup around here) out of my teeth.  That one came from the other day when I thought I had something in my teeth during class and I tried to use a piece of my hair to floss it out during the class break.  That's also something I read on Pinterest, but it didn't work because my hair is really fine like a baby's and is not interested in multitasking.

So the thing that happened today is Peter made his So-Good-I-Want-to-be-a-Better-Person Thai Chicken.  Also it's my mom's birthday, so if you know her you better call her or wish her a good one on my dad's Facebook wall, because my mom is vintage and doesn't mess around with social media.  Now Max is asleep on the floor with a rawhide beside him, like when a binky falls out of a baby's mouth.  Peter and I are arguing about whether we should spend the evening playing Chinese Checkers or play poker for Monopoly money.  Yes, I have Monopoly money with me in China, yes that is one of the many reasons I am awesome, and yes, poker is the obvious choice because I can never ever beat Peter at Chinese Checkers.  I suspect it's rigged.



Nancy Miller said...

Interesting blog!!! I am happy for you and Peter returning to the states. I know your parents are excited about it!! Yes, I messaged your mom birthday greetings via your dad's FB page. She and I have both stopped tracking our years on Earth! Wish you luck and God speed in your packing up and your trip home...

Anonymous said...

My only concern is that when you are busy travelling you will fail to keep up with your blog. Transition is a trial - God bless you as you wait on so many things and know I always enjoy your randomness.

Meg York said...

I get so excited when you post new stuff. I love following your life - especially because you have such a great way of writing it. Your voice leaps off of the screen.

Also, I am now officially following your blog - it's about time! I have had a link on my blog to your blog for some time now, but I'm excited to get official updates.

And also - aren't you traveling from the future and into the past?


Christense Andersen Jiang said...

Thanks! I am counting down to the day we leave China, so the only obstacle is if the hotel in Beijing has crappy wifi. Yes, we are traveling to the past--but it's still time travel! When we were on Pac Rim I was awesome at calculating time differences. Now I don't know what's happened! Glad to have you as a follower.