Thursday, September 14, 2006

Campus Walkabout

Hey! Glad you're here. Are you ready? Where would you like to go?

Not in Kansas 2

Alright, I'll just show you around. Just over here, not too far from my apartment is building #1, the Foreign Languages Department (woo hoo, we're #1!). This is where I teach all but one of my classes.

WPU English Dept

Okay, let's cut through the park. This is a nice little scenic area in the middle of campus.

WPU Walkway

Yep, there's the pagoda. That's the stereotypical image of China, but it's a form of arcitecture that isn't used much anymore, except in a decorative sense. There's seats inside, kind of like a gazebo, and it's surrounded by a pond with lilypads. At night, the pagoda lights up like a christmas tree.

WPU Pagoda

This is the campus statue. It's name is something like "morning dew" or "dew and sunrise." My name for it is "It's so hot in Wuhan even the statue sweats."

WPU Statue

Behind it is building #2, where I have just one class. This is the sight you see when you come in the front gates.

WPU Building 2

You have to go? Okay. Thanks for walking with me! I'll see you again soon.


shellyleck said...

Loved the walk around campus. You have some great photos and are really giving those of us so far away the feel of being there. What nice bldgs you have to teach in.

Jessica Bolt said...

What the heck?! That building is bigger than all of Cascade!!!!!

Amanda Peterson said...

Thanks for the tour

Lanny said...

Christense, you're hilarious. I loved walking campus with you and meeting some American and Chinese friends of yours.
You're in our thoughts and petitions,