Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Grand Tour

Welcome to my place! Let me show you around. We're in China, though, so first you need to take off your shoes and put on some house shoes, like this...

Here we are in the main room. There's the dining area. Sorry it's a bit messy. I just moved in, you know.

Here's that English language magazine I bought when I took a walk and got caught in the rainstorm. It's interesting reading.

Here's the living room area. The refrigerator is out here because there's not enough room in the kitchen.

And here's my couch...it's also a futon.

Okay, back here's the kitchen. On the counter there is my oven. It's smaller than at home, but I'm told the last english teachers baked cookies and everything in it. On the counter beneath is my microwave.

Chinese kitchen 1

Here's my cooktop. It's set in a bay window. It's gas-powered and those two fans are for ventilation.

Chinese kitchen 2

Okay, back here on the other side of the living room is my spare bedroom. Outside is the balcony where I dry my laundry.

Chinese spare bedroom

And finally, here's my bedroom!

Chinese bedroom

Not bad, huh? That's it. Thanks for stopping by. Would you like something to drink before you go? I have some apple fanta!

apple fanta

all right then. I'll see you later. Bye!


Jessica Bolt said...

What a great place! I'd love to come visit...but I'm in school and lacking a few thousand to start with... I love the pictures though! It's nice to "see" where you are.

Lanny said...

Thanks for letting me drop by. Your place looks cozy, clean and safe--all good! Next time I hope to see the balcony. The apple Fanta was the best. Gracias!

the homework,

Steve Maxwell said...

Stense, That was awesome. Now, I look forward to a tour of the University. You sound like you are having a good time. I would also be interested in a photo of the outside of your apartment building if you don't mind. Don't mean to be so demanding about the pictures I am just very curious about China. I have encountered a few people now that been or lived there and now I want to visit. From what I have seen it is beautiful. Take care! Peace!

Allan W. said...

Way cool place, nice floors! I love the ergo-bottle of Fanta. I'll be reading & praying.

Paul and Megan said...

I love chinese apple fanta!!!

Have you found the little fortune cookie things with the cream filling? Do you remember those? They were...the best.