Monday, September 18, 2006

Meet the Gang

Oh, hey! I wasn't expecting you! But I'm glad you stopped by. I'm goining to visit some friends, and I'd like to introduce you.

Dustin Breakfast

This is Dustin, the other new English teacher at our university this year. He's a Texan. He's eating dopi (dopey) here, a common breakfast food: egg, sticky rice, chicken and mushrooms.

Group 9-7-06
Geoff and Mary have been at WPU for one year. Here we are at their apartment with some of their Chinese friends.

Postgraduate 1 pic 1

This is my class of postgraduates taking elective English. They're my only class so far.

Yoyo and Katie

I only have one class currently because my other two class groups are freshmen. All freshmen in China start out college with a month of military training. I won't see my freshmen until the second week in October, after fall holiday.

Good to see you again!

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