Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 38

Though I am counting down to the big day, September 17th, there are a lot of little countdowns going on as well.  Here are some of them:

August 10: Payday (finally!)
August 12: Next day off
August 16: Last big class, last day of class with a student who is particularly hard to teach
August 22: Last day with four classes
September 1: Last scheduled class
September 2: Take Max to live with MIL so we can clean up our apartment and try to get our deposit back
September 5: Peter’s last payday
September 6: Ship winter clothes and other stuff to the US
September 10: Last payday
September 12: Fly to Beijing
September 17: Well, you know

Also, this happened while I was teaching my students some cutesy euphemisms for peeing (someone’s got to do it!)

Me: Go number one, pass water, tinkle…
Student: What?!?
Me: What?
Student: Teacher, is that what that song means, “tinkle, tinkle little star”?!
Me: No.  That’s “twinkle” not “tinkle.”
Student: Are you sure?

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