Monday, September 03, 2012

Day 14

It seemed like it was forever in coming, but now it's getting too close for comfort!  Today I finally hauled out the suitcases and started sorting things we are shipping from things we are taking on the plane.  I threw out plenty of junk and cleaned out a lot of nooks and crannies.  It felt good, but there's still a lot to do!

Does Subway still do the Five Dollar Footlong thing?  I'm not really interested in the deal, just the song.  It was a big thing when we were last in the US, and Peter still sings it when I eat subway, which I did today.  They're renovating several city blocks near our apartment, and those that they tore down mostly housed restaurants, so our nearby and convenient food options are dwindling.

Here are a couple conversations we had recently:

Peter: You walk too slow.
Me: It's not my fault.
Peter: Well, if we're going to walk this slow, let's at least walk like zombies.
(So we walk like zombies for a while, until Peter turns and spits his gum on me.)
Me: What did you do that for?!?
Peter: It's a pea.
Me: Pee?!?
Peter: No, a pea.  Like in Plants vs. Zombies.
(Fun fact: Peter was the first person to tell me about that game, and I thought he was making it up.  Most video/computer games sound absurd when described.)
Me: You spit your gum on me.  Are you sure you want to set up a precident where we spit on each other?
Peter: Oh...
Me: Because you have been going to sleep earlier than I have these days.
Peter: Okay, truce!
Me: Some of those peas are frozen, you know.

And this:

Peter: Oh no!  China is going nuts.
Me: What?
Peter: AIDS patients in Beijing are running around injecting people with the AIDS virus.
Me: Oh, that's not true.
Peter: How do you know?
Me: Oh, it's the oldest urban legend in the book.  It's been going around in the US forever, but there are no verified cases of it actually happening.  I suppose it could be true, but it's not.
Peter: So when we go to Beijing for four days before leaving for the US...?
Me: Yeah, we will barricade ourselves in our hotel room and have all our meals delivered.
Peter: Because there's nothing you want to go out and do in Beijing?
Me: No.  It's because of the urban legend.
Peter: So it's not true.
Me: Yes.
Peter: But you're not going outside.
Me: Yes.
Peter: You're bananas.

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