Sunday, February 06, 2011


Peter and I are watching The Descent and discussing how important it is for married couples to have hobbies in common. We are considering spelunking (cave climbing) with an option on the homicidal proto-humans.

Me: Would you like to try spelunking someday?
Peter: No. I can get the same feeling of panic a lot easier by putting a plastic bag over my head. See, they're eating apples for lunch. Why? (Peter hates apples.)
Me: See how they're all thin because they climb into caves and eat apples, while we're fat because we climb into bed and eat marshmallows while watching movies?
Peter: So you're saying you want to go spelunking?
Me: If I have to choose between death by being eaten or death by eating, I'll take death by eating. Pass me a marshmallow.

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