Wednesday, February 09, 2011

you've fallen victim to another one of my classic pranks

Textbook: The hikers were concerned about bringing enough water.
Jesse: Hiker?  Like on the internet?
Me: No, that's a hacker.
Textbook: Lisa will be at my Bon Voyage party.
Jesse: What does bon voyage mean?
Me:  It's French for have a good trip.  We sometimes use phrases from other languages to make our English sound more sophisticated and exotic.
Jesse: Like bazinga?
Me: Yes.  Just like that.

Me: Peter, we have a problem.
Peter: What?
Me: What was your major in college?
Peter: Business English.
Me: And what do I do for a living now?
Peter: Teach English.
Me: And what was my major in college?
Peter: Psychology.
Me: And what is your primary job function?
Peter: Listening to my boss's wife complain about how much money her husband spends on his mistress and her two children. 
Me: Yeah, I don't want your job.
Peter: All I have to do is smile and nod.
Me: I do a lot of that too.

By the way, have you ever thought how weird it is that we say on Thursdays in January at 9:00?  It's harder to explain than Dick as a nickname for Richard.

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